AnyDesk is a remote assistance system that allows users to view files and documents from numerous places using any device. Online collaboration, file sharing, access management, and a customizable user experience are all key components of this platform.

More Information on AnyDesk

AnyDesk supports Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, and Windows server OS, as well as Android, iOS, FreeBSD, Linux and Raspberry Pi clipboard contents.

  • You can use it in portable mode or install it like any other program.
  • Several settings are easily available from the menu bar while a remote connection is underway.
  • AnyDesk may adjust the connection to provide the highest video quality, speed, or balance feasible between the two.
  • Showing the remote pointer, sending sound, deactivating control for view-only, switching off clipboard syncing, preventing the other input from the user, and taking a snapshot are among the other options.
  • Files can be transferred to a remote computer by copying them to the clipboard and pasting them there, but AnyDesk also has a separate file manager application that can be used in addition to the remote access tool.
  • Even when AnyDesk is in portable mode, a remote machine can be rebooted.
  • Printing from a remote location is possible; print local files from a remote location and vice versa.
  • For rapid access, connection shortcuts can be stored to the Desktop.
  • During a session, control can be exchanged between sides.
  • You can make a video recording of the session.
  • All keyboard shortcuts, including Ctrl-Alt-Del, can be communicated to a remote computer.
  • When requesting to connect to another machine, Windows will display your user account image as your identification.
  • AnyDesk displays a list of previous connections down the bottom to make it simple to open old connections.
  • The remote machine’s information is displayed on the system information tab.

AnyDesk can be configured by the host to prevent remote users from doing things like locking the keyboard and mouse, restarting the machine, using the file manager, asking system information, hearing your computer’s sound, and more.

Advantages and disadvantages

This remote access application has a lot to recommend it:


  • Allows for unattended access
  • Updates are carried out automatically.
  • The UI is simple and minimalistic.
  • Download size is little.
  • Custom aliases can be used to identify computers.
  • File transfers are supported.
  • Clients on local networks are automatically discovered.
  • It’s possible to run it in fullscreen mode.
  • Text chat features are included.
  • Sending keyboard shortcuts is supported.
  • The mobile app has the ability to connect to PCs.
  • There is a portable alternative available.
  • Client can be accessed from any location via the internet.


  • At first, it could be a little confusing to use.

AnyDesk’s Operation

AnyDesk, like other remote desktop apps like Remote Utilities, employs an ID number to make connecting to a computer simple. If you install it rather than merely run it portable, you’ll be able to share a custom alias (like @ad) with others, which is much easier to remember than a random string of digits.

Since both the host and client computers are executing AnyDesk, they can communicate the Remote Desk ID and use it to start the connection in the “Remote Address” section of the program—the web client also works. The computer that is exchanging their address is the one that will be controlled by the other computer.

To enable unattended access, require a password in the settings. You can also specify the permissions offered to remote users when they login to you. They can access the display, hear the computer’s sound, control the mouse and keyboard, access the clipboard, and freeze the user’s mouse and keyboard input, among other things, thanks to permissions.


How to use Anydesk safely?

Millions of consumers and 15,000 businesses in 165 countries use AnyDesk, which is safe, secure, and reliable.

How Anydesk works in mobile?

AnyDesk’s mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. For more security, you can update our mobile solution from your device’s official app store or from our website.

Why Anydesk is slow?

in the toolbar’s icon If it isn’t already enabled, go to “Settings” > “Connections” and enable “Direct Connections.” After that, please disconnect and reconnect.

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